New visa Requirements for Senegal for Americans

The new visa requirement for Senegal is quite simple.  I was able to apply for me and my 3 kids.  The website is  The documents you’ll need is your passport and travel reservation.  You will need to upload the documents to the website.  Then you pick where you want to pick up your visa from embassy or Dakar Airport.  I choose to pick up from Dakar Airport.  The fee you pay is in Euro and it comes to about $70 USD per person.  If you applying with an US bank card your bank will charge foreign transaction fee which is probably no more than 3% of the US amount.

You will get a confirmation email and you can print your visa from the email and bring print-out with you when you travel.  I will update more once I get to Senegal on how the process of picking up visa from airport work.

I am quite excited we have less than 60 days before our big move and almost everything done.  Hope everyone had a great New Years and have great things planned for 2014.  😀