Introduction to Senegal

We have arrived!!!!

Where do I begin? The plane ride from Washington Dulles was horrible.   The turbulence lasted for almost 20 minutes and that left me and the kids and the rest of passenger’s sick to our stomach.  Every bathroom occupied by someone who was sick.   The cabin crew wore mask and gloves while everyone was holding a puck bag.  We were so happy to get off the plane lol

Once we got off the plane we went straight to customs for our visa’s.  This process was so easy they didn’t ask for why we are here, nothing about custody or our living arrangements. They printed our bio-metric visa and place it on our passport.

Anyway after the visa we went for our bags,  BEWARE the airport staff in the yellow vest are going to ask to help you with your bags,  DON’T LET THEM.  They prey on newcomers and then hold your bags hostage till you give them money. And then ask for 10 000 cfa which is a lot for Dakar. So the moral of the story is carry and push your own bags.


We have settled into our apartment we need a lot of decorating and furniture but we have time we mostly been at the beach lol



Well till next post peace and love 😍